Our Services

Here at Agile Early Learning, we offer the highest quality services to suit all your family needs.

Our core services include:

Long Day Care

Before and After School Care

Vacation Care

Our centre is fully equipped with plenty of indoor and shaded outdoor play spaces, a commercial kitchen where our chef prepares delicious meals daily, a courtesy bus for pick up and drop off from home or school and plenty of new play equipment for all age groups.

Nappies, nutritious meals and extra curricular activities are also provided at the centre at no additional cost.

Extra Curricular Programs

In addition to providing care and education of the highest standard we also offer extracurricular programs which are a key focus in allowing children to experience a world of creative engagement through movement, play and physical activities.

These stimulating, extracurricular programs are delivered by specialist teachers and professionals and are included in our fees, allowing our children to engage in activities such as Yoga, dance, music, fitness, language and cooking lessons without the burden of additional costs.


At Agile, we believe that promoting children’s health is an important aspect of providing care. We understand the important role we provide in meeting the nutritional needs of our children. Our qualified chef prepares fresh meals daily ensuring our children are met with over half of their recommended daily dietary intake from our menus whilst in our care.

Our chef is mindful of the many diagnosed allergies and dietary requirements of our children and will cater appropriately and offer suitable substitutes in accordance with support and input from families and the Centre Manager.

It is important that children are offered a variety of nutritious meals and snacks and engage in positive, social and progressive mealtime experiences as part of their growth and development. We are also committed in assisting families to develop healthy food attitudes and habits. Guidelines around healthy eating can be found in the foyer or by asking a friendly team member.

Child Portfolios

Using the Early Years Learning Framework educators will observe your child’s learning so they can extend on this and plan a program that caters for the children’s interest. They will do this by listening, watching and talking to your child.

Each child will have their own portfolio or collection of learning. This may contain photos and children’s work to show what your child is learning. This learning journey is available for you to view at any time. Your classroom will also show on-going learning through daily journals/books, photographs, project work, learning stories and a program documenting the day’s progress. 

As part of our commitment to providing your child the best early learning experience, we're proud to announce Agile Early Learning will be using Kindyhub. Kindyhub is a communication tool, allowing us to easily share your child's experience with you. Our educators capture your child's achievements throughout the day via Kindyhub with photos, notes and stories. Thanks to Kindyhub we have our very own Agile Learning App available from the iTunes store/Google store.

School transition program

Starting formal school is an important milestone that can be an exciting and anxious time. Our school transition program aims to ensure that children and their families enjoy their start to school and the many school years ahead. Our centre provides warm, nurturing and stimulating environments aimed at offering the best possible early learning curriculum, where children can develop to their full potential. Agile Early Learning prepares your child for a seamless and successful school transition.

  • A program aimed at creating independent and confident children
  • Specialised activities preparing them for the transition to school
  • A program that stimulates curiosity about learning and encourages awe and wonder about the world of learning
  • We work in consultation with parents to develop a customised learning program to suit each child
  • We partner with local schools and hold regular excursions for children to meet teachers and become comfortable with ‘’big school.’’
  • Interactive whiteboard, iPads and latest IT programs
  • Weekly Bush Kinder excursions promoting learning in Nature
  • A QLD Government approved program delivered by qualified teachers
  • Regular excursions to learn in and around the community
  • Specialised extracurricular programs every day, such as MasterChef classes, yoga, dance and music

National quality framework:

The National Quality Framework is a Government initiative which sets a National Quality Standard creating greater consistency for early childhood education and care services across Australia.

This initiative aims to improve educator-to-child ratios in services, increased skills and qualifications, national regulations and a quality ratings system which will help you to make informed choices about the education and care you choose for your child.

The seven quality areas are:

  1. 1
    Educational programs and practice.
  2. 2
    Children’s health and safety.
  3. 3
    The physical environment.
  4. 4
    Staff arrangements
  5. 5
    Relationships with children
  6. 6
    Collaborative partnerships with families and communities.
  7. 7
    Leadership and service management.

Agile Early Learning’s aim is to exceed the national quality standard across all areas of our service and has a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) in place to show what is happening in our centre to achieve this. 

This will look at areas such as educational programs and practice, children’s health and safety, physical environment, staffing arrangements, relationships with children and collaborative partnerships with families and communities. We also ensure that best practice is embedded in service operations which is informed by critical reflection and is shaped by meaningful engagement with families and/or the community.

For more information in regards to the National Quality Framework, please speak to the Centre Manager or you can also find more information on the website: www.acecqa.gov.au

To learn more please contact us on 1800 290 822 or you can register your interest by clicking on the Enquire Now button below: