This new construction of a 123 place child care centre in Mango Hill comes as a reference from a previous project in Chermside.

This centre is approximately 775m2 on 2676m2 of land with 24 car parks and will be completed to a turn-key finish.

Keeping in line with Agile Learning Centres aim “to provide an abundance of natural adventure playgrounds, including bike tracks, double-storey play forts, water park, interactive gardens and nature spaces designed to challenge and intrigue every little mind.” – Jorgensens Builders listened and our designated project managers understand the importance of accurately manifesting client ideas into reality. Through meticulous planning, design and construction, we were able to meet the client brief and we are on track to hand over a truly unique and interactive childcare centre.

Complete with play forts, natural environment, landscaping, play equipment, softfall and natural turf, along with bio-retention, this is just a small selection of built-to-last components this centre will have to offer.

Find the Building Company Here >

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